Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not Good--5 Ronin: Wolverine

5 Ronin: Wolverine
With Peter Milligan writing and Tomm Coker on art, this should be great. Why was it bad then? Well, the lame twist probably didn't help.

First off, Coker's art saves this from being utter junk, but even it lacks the snazzy look he usually has, appearing a bit more jumbled and confusing in terms of the flow of the story. Miligan turns in a story that seems like it might be interesting, but gets quite confusing until things are explained at the end, with a "they all look alike" type twist that I found just a bit trite and over-used. It also didn't help that the dialogue or narration would jump between feeling flowery and set during the actual past, to suddenly throwing in more modern sayings or speech patterns. Did they really say, "Ain't" in feudal Japan?

This comic just was below-average and otherwise unimpressive, definitely not inspiring confidence in what else this series has to come. Hopefully the other stories will be much more improved. Perhaps I will review the next four as one of my bulk-reviews.
1.5 out of 5 stars

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