Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2nd 2011 Comic Haul.

Everything from my comic haul this week. It was bigger than I realized it would be.

Wildcats Version 3.0 Year Two
The brief time Wildcats worked for a corporation or something, I'm not sure, but I got the first one cheap thanks to a sale and my interest is piqued enough for this one.

Incognito: Bad Influences #4
It feels like #3 just came out, but I found it kicked the story into gear so I bet this continues making things fun.

Wolverine: The Best There Is #4
Reading this has been a slog, but a part of me hopes it will get better as it seems to be slightly doing. I'm still getting close to dropping this, however.

X-Factor #216
Peter David writes a great Spider-Man. He appears in this issue. Case closed.

Thunderbolts #154
An issue focused on Man-Thing, whom I love. Another no-question buy.

Green Lantern #63
Kicks off The War of The Green Lanterns, which looks to be a fun mini-event.

Heroes For Hire #4
I've been loving this series and hope it keeps up the great quality.

Daken: Dark Wolverine #6
Some people hate him, but I enjoy reading the adventures of Daken.

Deadpool #33.1
This seems to forget the space storyline for an issue, but may still rock as this series at times does.

Irredeemable #23
22 was great and launched me into an examination of super hero comics' homoerotic overtones, I wonder if this keeps the awesomeness going or has equally meta-textual moments?

5 Ronin: Wolverine
Picked this issue up out of pure curiosity and the fact that Tomm Coker does great art.

DC Universe Online Legends #3
This series has surprised some by being pretty good, but for some odd reason I already expected to enjoy it and have been pleased to have my hopes met.

Brightest Day #21
The end nears with the biggest ramifications so far of this event seeming to be Aquaman losing a chunk of his arm. Again. This series has been decent enough, but it isn't "52" in terms of quality.

Some great stuff, some promising stuff, things that could go either way, and some stuff that might disappoint but I'm either too invested to drop the title or am on the verge of doing so.

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