Thursday, March 3, 2011

Let me get this straight-Libya

Let me get this straight, Momar Ghadaffi (no one can agree how to spell his name, so I’m going with that) thinks he can blame the revolution that has swept Libya and resulted in his losing power almost everywhere but the capital of Tripoli on drugged-up teenagers? Yeah, he claims it is youth being led astray by Al-Queda and given hallucinogenic drugs in their, "Nescafe". Plus, the rest of his people all love him and will die for him. The only man more delusional than Ghadaffi is probably Charlie Sheen (zing)!

Seriously though, at what point will the man just give up? Will he refuse to leave and end up being dragged out of his palace while rationalizing it as people just wanting to take him for a walk? It’s just absurd how much this man refuses to see the facts in front of his face that the people are sick of him and want Ghadaffi to go, NOW. There has already been so much death and destruction, and I don’t know if it will be ending anytime soon. One can just hope things eventually work out for the best and Ghadaffi snaps out of fantasy-world.

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