Monday, March 21, 2011

Bits O' News About Comics, Movies, Politics, Cell-Phones, and the Worst Song Ever.

Let's look over a random sampling of news:
  • Joseph Gordon Levitt is playing Alberto Falcone in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. Oh wait, he maybe isn't . It still should be an awesome Batman movie, though.
  • A new Ghost Rider comic will be coming out. It probably won't be as good as the one by Jason Aaron, and it is starting with one of those stupid .1 issues. I will end up reading it though because I just like me some Ghost Rider.
  •  Libya has a no-fly zone, meaning the United States and other nations are supplying air support to the rebels, eliminating Qaddafi's ability to bomb them. The tide is again turning in the rebels favor, and this is just one sad mess of violence with the glimmer of hope being a democratic Libya.
  • Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagely are teaming up yet again for an Icon title, Brilliant, which seems to be a comic about people using science to unlock super-powers. Um, didn't Warren Ellis do this already in an amazing fashion with Juan Jose Ryp in "No Hero"?
  •  My heart goes out everyone in Japan suffering from the Earthquake, Tsunami, and now near-meltdown of a nuclear plant.
  • AT&T is going to by T-Mobile assuming the merger is approved by everyone. AT&T is slowly growing again to the monopoly they once were. I'm happy with my Verizon service thank-you, even if it is horribly over-priced due to the racket that is the cell-phone industry.
  • The Weekly Crisis supplies the best breakdown of Flashpoint and Fear Itself that I've seen so far.
  • I have found a song that makes me physically sick, with nausea and a headache. That song? "Friday" by Rebecca Black and Ark Music Factory, who find young girls, auto-tune their voices to hell, and pump out miserable excuses for music. Your ears will bleed:

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