Thursday, February 15, 2024

The Last Stand of the Chesterfield Mall

Busy past and a quieter present.

I have written about my fondness for the Mall in Chesterfield, Missouri. It has seen great days...but is currently in its last days. Once full of stores, a carousel, and all kinds of fun, it is on its way out. The Chesterfield Mall will officially have its last day on August 31st, 2024. Tenants have to vacate as of that day and the Mall will become closed to the public. It shall then be demolished to become a big mixed-use plaza of stores and homes. The Mall is not dead yet, however, and I'd argue still worth visiting for several cool stores. There is not a full food court, but there is a Tabla Restaurant STL which serves delicious grub in addition to a Cheesecake Factory still operating. The Vintage Stock in the Mall has some delightful employees and is one of the best-organized VStocks in the area (it has plans to relocate upon the Mall's closure). The Chesterfield Community Center still has the mall as its home and is a lovely place to hang out. Leftovers Etc. is a really cool nonprofit that focuses on reusing all kinds of fun resources for learning and crafts. Plus there are two antique stores. 

There is Piddle Crick Hill Mercantile and Cheetah-Lu. I have talked with the owners of both at various times and would recommend both places. Vince of Piddle Crick is a nice guy and Bill at Cheetah-Lu has a ton of stuff too. Bill was kind enough to pose in front of his store for me when I told him how I was writing this article about stores in the Mall:

I've talked about the great people at Grape's Games previously and there is a really cool record store called the Vinyl Goat. I also saw a store with cool skincare products that offered group classes to learn more about skin and make your own skin products called Butter By Jay Renee. There are even more businesses so it is clear that even if the Mall is on its way out, it ain't dead yet. While it may be a bit more barren than in the past and a chunk of the hallways are being used now for Pickleball, it remains a cool place to visit...while you still can.

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