Saturday, February 17, 2024

Microsoft to Share Games With Other Consoles

For the past couple of weeks, a lot of people have been theorizing about Microsoft potentially doing everything from quitting making consoles, to teaming up with Sony to offer a Gamepass on the PS5, to all kinds of outlandish ideas. To calm everyone down a, "Business update," podcast came out on February 15th that made it clear there are still plans to make more Xbox consoles, the Game Pass isn't going anywhere, and a handful of first-party games are going to be shared with competitors. Considering how some people who take the idea of, "Console Wars," very seriously were melting down on Twitter or Reddit at rumors it turned out the truth honestly could have been an email.

"Starfield," is still an Xbox/PC exclusive, contrary to fan fears, but some titles such as, 'Hi-Fi Rush," and, "Pentiment," will be on other devices than Xbox (or PC for titles that applies to). The, "Battle," between consoles is constantly evolving and with stuff like crossplay and such between devices and more game-sharing it is starting to become apparent picking a, "Side," isn't a big deal so much as just playing whatever device has games you like, which may sometimes be multiple ones--and that's okay!

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