Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Natural and Lab-Grown Diamonds Are BOTH a Good Option

If you want a natural diamond and make sure to get one that isn't harming the environment too badly or from an area of war (conflict diamonds) then that is perfectly fine. If you like lab-grown diamonds that is great too. Both are equally valid diamonds and look wonderful when used as jewelry. Hence, I was annoyed by aspects of this article on Markets Insider about how, "The Lab-Grown Diamond Boom is Over." The facts in the article were perfectly fine--it just discusses how lab-grown diamonds are more common now and some people are trading in bigger lab-grown diamonds for more expensive and smaller natural diamonds. 

The thing about the piece that bothered me was how it talked to certain experts who just dripped with pretentiousness about natural or man-made diamonds. Cormac Kinney, the CEO of the commodities trading firm Diamond Standard, snarkily says in the piece, "Any gem lab can tell the difference, and your friends probably can too — especially if the diamond does not match your economic status," in regards to lab-grown or natural diamonds. It is such an ignorant statement and I guess makes sense as his company has a vested interest in natural diamonds being traded. Actually telling the difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds is impossible with the naked eye and requires fancy professional equipment. Hence, if you want a natural diamond that is fine, and if you want it lab-grown that is cool too. Pick what fits your budget and desires. Don't let other people influence your views just because they stand to profit from bashing one over the other.

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