Friday, February 16, 2024

Another Kickstarter Has Launched for More, "Widow," by Mike Wolfer!

I am always excited when writer/artist Mike Wolfer and letterer Natalie Jane launch a new Kickstarter. Lately, all the classic, "Widow," stories have been tweaked and updated in new issues that contain a bunch of content from various iterations of the series. With issues #5 and #6 now in readers' hands, Wolfer and Jane have launched a new Kickstarter today for issues #7 and #8. The series will keep being collected up until we reach new stories--which I'm really pumped about! If you're behind on the issues there is no need to worry as the latest Kickstarter contains add-on options for everything that has come out previously. The, "Widow," stories are always a delight of horror, eroticism, and great art, so if that sounds like you're cup of tea, go back the latest Kickstarter campaign here!

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