Sunday, February 18, 2024

I Hope Everyone is Having a Fantastic National Condom Week!

I have a Master's Degree in Public Health and worked within the field of sexual health previously so I just thought I'd make sure everyone is having a swell national condom week! It runs from February 14th through the 21st. Are you all good? Because if you ever need to know how to properly use a condom there are tons of resources such as Planned Parenthood to name a massive and well-regarded organization. Should you be local to Saint Louis you can also learn a ton about sexual health, get free condoms, and get tested at my former employer (I left on good terms when Clarkson was born prematurely, they're all cool), Williams and Associates.

 Condoms help prevent STIs, unplanned pregnancies, and there are a wide variety if you think you don't like them/are supposedly, "Too big," or any other excuse. Condoms save lives and keep us safe, it is as simple as that. Have a great remainder of this national condom week!

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