Tuesday, February 13, 2024

The Crossovers Between Marvel and DC Might Be (Update: They Are) Coming Back Into Print


Not a few minutes after posting this article I saw that it had just been confirmed how Marvel and DC are putting a bunch of their crossovers and Amalgam comics back into print via two chunky omnibuses. This is fantastic news and makes me wonder if new stories could be coming--we shall see!

Original Article:

Rumors have been circulating that somehow & some way Marvel and DC have decided to play nice and put their classic crossovers between the companies back in print. Ever since the last big inter-company crossover in 2001, "JLA/Avengers," relations cooled between Marvel and DC, with things only getting more complicated as the publishers were acquired by big conglomerates (DC is now owned by Warner Brothers Discovery and Marvel was bought by Disney). It looked like we would not see any of the comics the companies did together reprinted anytime soon, from the, "Versus," event to other fun times characters interacted--for example, I really liked the Amalgam comics that mashed up characters from both universes into new ones.

There was a hint of cooperation being possible when George Perez was sadly nearing the end of his life and new special limited editions were printed of, "JLA/Avengers," which he had illustrated. The money from those went to the nonprofit known as the Hero Initiative, however, so that helped avoid any debates over which company deserved a bigger cut or such. However, Barry Kitson let slip on a Facebook fan page that it was requested he supply extra thumbnails and fun things from a crossover comic he did for a new collection that needed bonus material. Shortly after this post blew up online, Kitson carefully removed any mention of reprinted crossovers from his Facebook page. The fact he did so makes me wonder if Marvel and/or DC reached out and told him to please hush until an official announcement was made.

I'd personally welcome seeing any of the times DC and Marvel teamed up put back into print. It can be a pain to find certain individual issues and the trade paperbacks collecting the tales can be pricey these days. Plus, this would be a great way for younger fans to see some classic tales that are over two decades (or more) old now. I guess before too long there will be something official released and I wonder if there would possibly even be new stories? I could always go for more Darkclaw (Wolverine and Batman merged into one wild character), after all!

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