Friday, November 10, 2023

Hey, DC, Beginning to Collect a Series Then Suddenly Canceling the Rest is Annoying!

Never to actually see release...

Readers of the blog may recall when I wrote about, "Authority: The Lost Year." It was a reboot of that, "The Authority," series that started out with Grant Morrison writing two issues and leaving the title. It suffered horrific delays until Keith Giffen (who sadly recently passed) came in and finished the series, with it gaining that "The Lost Year" tagline to explain where the Authority was in the Wildstorm Universe during the delays. The mini-series ended up having the first volume collected in a trade paperback..and that was it. A second volume was solicited but then DC simply didn't print it. DC felt there wasn't enough interest to merit collecting the whole thing in trade paperback, forcing folks to seek out back issues or read the remaining parts online. It is silly and downright ignorant to start collecting a series and then just stop, so surely DC wouldn't do that again, right? Right?

Anyway "Black Adam," recently had a 12-issue mini-series where the first volume was collected but a solicited release of, "Volume 2," of the series has now been canceled by DC. There are no plans to make a 12-issue deluxe hardcover or anything, it'll just be issues #1-#6 with fans S.O.L. for #7-#12 if they want the whole thing to display on their bookshelf in books. Goddamn it, DC. I understand when nothing is collected of a series that outright bombed, but this is just a bummer and I wonder if the fact this comic came out at the same time as the ,"Black Adam," movie which suffered in theaters results in DC thinking, "Let's cut our losses and cancel anything else relating to the character!" The series was good too, with it written by the immensely talented Christopher Priest so it is not like this is DC trying to bury a metaphorical turd in some sand. I don't know why half-collecting a series and then calling it quits is such a pet peeve of mine, but DC, Marvel, or whoever should do it all or do nothing, I'd argue. Don't start collecting a series/mini-series and then suddenly stop. It is irritating, simple as that.

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