Sunday, November 12, 2023

Ya'll Broke Domino's Free Pizza Promotion

In another example of, "This is why we can't have nice things," Dominio's had a promotion for free, "Emergency pizza," that allowed folks who qualified to get a free pizza. It was a cute little marketing thing but as soon as people figured out a way to take advantage of the program due to a glitch, things went horribly wrong. Why? Again, we can't have nice things.

An error in Domnino's ordering system resulted in some people noticing that some emergency pizza codes could be used over and over again by the same customer. Some folks made social media posts about this and in response, everyone exercised restraint. I'm kidding! People took advantage of the codes in the most extreme way possible ordering up to 30 pizzas at a time with absurd backlogs of orders forming at various Domino's restaurants and lines appearing at the stores as folks angrily demanded their multiple free and somewhat ill-gotten grub. Around November 9th things were at their worst but eventually, the error was fixed and stores were told they could cancel multiple free pizza orders by corporate--although a lot of employees were mad at how slow the response from higher-ups was. 

There is no official word on how much money or food waste resulted from this, and I do think Domino's corporate-levels could have handled this better. That said, it doesn't help a lot of people took advantage of this glitch and made things difficult for all the folks working at Domino's. Perhaps if some individuals hadn't tried to order a bunch of pizzas at a single time this wouldn't have even been a big problem. As it is, people saw a metaphorical inch and they took a metaphorical mile.

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