Saturday, November 4, 2023

Back the Latest, "Widow: Unleashed," Kickstarter Campaign!

Issues #5 and #6 of, "Widow Unleashed," now can be backed on Kickstarter and you should go and support that campaign, STAT! I'm a huge fan of comic-maker Mike Wolfer and his partner in life and comics, Natalie Jane (a superb letterer). These re-edited and rereleased issues of his classic, "Widow," series have been fantastic and I always look forward to them arriving in my inbox (the digital copies ) and mailbox (the physical copies). If you noticed how the series is up to the fifth and sixth issue and are saying, "Well, clearly it is too late for me to get involved in this awesome series," you actually need not fear, because all previous issues can be acquired too!

If you like your horror comics bloody, erotic, and just plain entertaining, then you ought to back these, "Widow Unleashed," Kickstarter campaigns. I do Kickstarter a great deal less these days as I used to spend way too much money backing anything that looked neat, but I still make sure to always support whatever Mike Wolfer is doing because his and Natalie Jane's stuff is always guaranteed to be a good time. Here's that link again for the latest campaign, go check it out!

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