Monday, November 27, 2023

The Return of, "Penthouse Comix," Decades Later

Back in the 1990's the popular magazine (which actually still is being published to this day) known as, "Penthouse," put out a special comic magazine called, "Penthouse Comix." It had some surprisingly big-name talent doing comics. Some were serious, some were humorous, and all had plenty of raunchy content. "Penthouse Comix," had been gone for some time, but now it is coming back and bringing some notable creatives!

Valentine's Day 2024 will be accompanied by the launch of the first issue of the latest edition of, "Penthouse Comix." Lots of cool folks will be providing covers and content. Guillem March, Maria Llovet, Jeff Dekal, Vanesa Del Ray,  and more will be taking part in, "Penthouse Comix." I'm all for creative and sexy conics by skilled folks and I hope, "Penthouse Comix," is wild and cool. I suppose we'll find out in 2024!

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