Friday, November 17, 2023

Snoop Dogg Claims to Have Stopped Smoking Cannabis

Update 11/20/23: Apparently it was all an extremely silly marketing stunt to promote smokeless fire pits. Well done, Snoop, you had us all fooled!

Original Article:

Snoop Dogg has quit smoking weed. Considering that Snoop Dogg is often associated with a love of smoking cannabis, this is shocking news for many. I recall Snoop Dogg has given up cannabis before and that effort did not last for long. I will say in his announcement that he released it was specifically said, "Smoke," was being given up. This makes me think perhaps Snoop will still enjoy Cannabis in other forms. I would guess that doctors might have told him that the smoke was harming his lungs and in order to live longer he needs to not smoke cannabis. He is a grandfather now (believe it or not) and probably wants to have a long live with his friends and family. 

Whether he has gone cold turkey with THC or is simply no longer going to light it up, I wish Snoop Dogg the best as I support anyone making the choices that are healthiest for them. I just posted about balancing my excitement the McRib and how I'm trying to eat better, after all. Some wonder if this is a joke, but I guess we shall see in the near future if Snoop offers clarification on this matter. I, personally, have zero problem with people enjoying cannabis responsibly, but I do hate smoking whether it is cigarettes or weed so I think Snoop is wise to possibly just enjoy cannabis in more healthful ways. Still, it is funny to think a man who declared, "Smoke weed every day," and was arguably the celebrity most closely associated with cannabis besides Willie Nelson is altering his intake.

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