Saturday, April 15, 2023

The 2023 Big River Comic Convention Was Superb Fun!

I had the chance to attend the Big River Comic Convention this year and it was a great deal of fun! There was an assortment of vendors, creators, and guests. I enjoyed meeting new folks as well as seeing old friends at the show.  Let's discuss all the awesome stuff I saw!

I kicked off the event chatting with my good chum, Alex the Comic Hoarder. He has a fantastic YouTube channel and always brings amazing comics to the BRCC. I really enjoyed catching up with him and trading some books. The cool folks from Toys of Our Youth were present at the show too, selling tons of awesome toys, I enjoy anytime we chat. I also enjoyed examining all the goodies that Great River Collectibles brought--they had some stellar toys, comics, and more!

A man I always enjoy seeing, Bruce Reynolds, was at the show and brought so many awesome comics, magazines, and general neat stuff. You can see him in the photo right above. I bought some comics for a great price from G&K Collectibles and we talked about how he always has fun at BRCC and he made sure to bring a variety of cool stuff for everyone to peruse. I also saw my friend, author John L. Davis IV, with his assortment of superb books he has written.

Tribble Totes was selling their own fantastic handmade bags and totes. They were of the highest quality and were themed for a variety of fandoms. The bags were super cool and I appreciated they let me take a picture of everything as you can see above. Heroes for Kids Perryville was at the show to promote their charity work as well as the fourth upcoming Heroes for Kids Comic-Con. It will be held this July 15th and is sure to be tons of fun as well! Speaking of good causes, I also saw my friend Brian Lan, who was there promoting a non-profit organization near and dear to my heart, The Hero Initiative (which helps comic creators in need).

I met Tone, who was behind the, "Just Sayin'--Signs and Home Decor," at their booth. I loved the cool themed signs and pieces of decor they had. I got a picture as you can see above. Geek to Me Radio was at the show promoting their radio program/podcast that discusses all kinds of geek-related media. I plan to check out their show for sure! It was also a pleasure to make the acquaintance of Golden Lasso Comics and Collectibles. They were selling an assortment of goodies and mentioned they have their own comic they are in the process of creating. I told them to be sure and reach out to me when it is done so I can spotlight and review it!

There were some snazzy guests at BRCC too. I met Sam De La Rosa and we talked about his work on such awesome comics as, "Venom: Lethal Protector," and a variety of, "Predator," books. He was kind enough to pose with his banner so that I could point people to his site. Go buy some of his amazing art! Actor Spencer Wilding and wrestler/actor Sergeant Slaughter were at the show as well. I offered to take a picture of them with their banner to help drive folks to their sites but Slaughter's agent/handler declined for him, saying they didn't have their site up and running currently (there is an official Facebook but I guess they didn't want me to take his picture without paying money even though I emphasized I wasn't going to be in it or such).  Wilding requested I buy an autograph if I wanted to take any pictures. I didn't want to sound rude and state how I don't pay for autographs--I just don't see the appeal in giving someone money to sign a picture of themself (with the exception of having artists sign a comic they drew and having them do a cool sketch or such)--so I just said, "Maybe later." It is always fun to see the guests BRCC gets!

The Big River Comic Convention for 2023 was so much fun! It is actually just one example of fun things you can do or places you can go in Hannibal, Missouri. Hannibal is a really fun town and I'd encourage you to visit it for the BRCC or just to take in some fun sights. I always really have fun at the BRCC and I'm sure the show next year will be just as fun--if not even more enjoyable!

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