Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Our Mailbox Got Wrecked

I love when the mail comes. Whether it's letters from relatives, a magazine, a Gemini mailer with a comic I ordered, or something else fun I always get excited about the day's mail. I tell people how, "The mail is like a friend who comes to visit every day except Sunday and certain holidays," and while they roll their eyes at such a down-home style statement, I sincerely mean it. Our mailbox is the main means of us getting our mail, and as of today, tragedy struck. Someone hit and ran our mailbox. I left this morning to drop my son off at school and run some errands only to return home around 12:30 PM and be greeted by a grisly sight.

Look at that picture at the top of this post, look what they did to our poor mailbox. Someone careened into it, bent the brackets, knocked the little flag off, and left with nary a note or apology. We have a little blink camera (so we know when packages come) but it wasn't triggered as the mailbox is out of its sensor range. Our mailbox went from looking sprightly to now looking more like it is suffering from a severe gangster lean and about to topple over. The paint was slightly chipped before but looks even worse now. When I look at it now I don't get excited about the mail so much as I hear the, "I will remember you," song by Sarah McLachlan.

I posted in our Facebook neighborhood group to ask if anyone possibly saw anything, but the odds of that are slim. Our mailbox will have to be replaced and go unavenged for the awful thing that happened to it. That mailbox was here when we moved into our home back in 2012 and has been through a lot. It will hold a special place in my heart forever and I'll probably shed a tear when we get a new mailbox and chuck this one in the garbage for its trip to the dump. Truly a dignified end that all of us can only hope for. For now, we will try to prop the mailbox up, but a new one will clearly be needed.


  1. I say take the opportunity to get a kick ass mailbox 📫