Friday, April 21, 2023

Flashback Friday: The, "Annie," Movies Are All Uniquely Fun

Seeing the news about Jamie Foxx being hospitalized for an undisclosed medical condition (I wish him a speedy recovery) got me thinking about all his various film roles. The man has some serious range from comedy to drama with such hits as, "Ray," "Django Unchained," "Soul," and he, of course, can sing wonderfully. This got me thinking about film roles where he sang which reminded me he was in one of the versions of, "Annie." I couldn't recall how many films it has had so I double-checked and three flicks exist. The original in 1982, the 1999 television movie, and the iteration with Foxx as Daddy Warbucks in 2014. All three are quite fun in different ways

The original movie has elements that have aged poorly at best but also has the best Miss Hannigan in the form of Carol Burnett--plus Tim Curry is great in anything. The 1999 movie is solid with Kathy Bate's Miss Hannigan being pretty good and then Foxx is superb in the 2014 flick. Each movie's Annie does a great job as well so in the end whether you want the old Annie, the 1999 remake, or the 2014 version that takes place in the modern-day they all are a good time. I'm thankful for that in an era where sometimes remakes/reboots can be quite bad.

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