Thursday, April 13, 2023

Classified Documents Seem to Leak Really Easily These Days

Remember when we used to think the government must have tons of fancy classified documents holding all kinds of secrets? We imagined there must be the truth about all kinds of stuff from JFK (some argue he wasn't even assassinated), to Bigfoot, or anything else. Nowadays I kind of think there can't be too much being kept secret the way classified documents just kind of seem to be floating about. I mean, if you used to be in power it makes sense you might have some classified documents still even if you shouldn't. Donald Trump seemed to be hoarding a bunch and Joe Biden had some from when he was Vice President. However, then we read that top-secret documents about the war in Ukraine that the United States supposedly had under lock and key were uploaded to a Discord where people discussed, "Minecraft." The news is saying that a military base employee might have been the leaker. Oh, and documents discussing President Biden's travel and safety were lost by the police in Ireland before literally being found blowing around in the street by some random guy. At this point, I'm half-expecting that nuclear codes will casually be posted alongside some memes on Reddit.

Back in the day, it was a big deal when a government document got out before being declassified or our government was infiltrated by somebody after secrets (read up on the Pentagon Papers or Operation Snow White for two interesting stories). Now, however, metaphorical beans get spilled all the time. Why, though? Do we blame the internet and social media? Has the kind of security we use to keep stuff under wraps gotten weaker? Could it be the fault of the Mole people who I imagine some leaked document will reveal live under the Moon's soil? I don't know, but I guess in this era where very little surprises us even if shocking secrets leak people seem to mostly shrug anyways. Hell, the Government willingly revealed a whole bunch of stuff about UFOs and folks just said, "Oh, cool," and went on with life. Perhaps when everyone has their own crazy version of, "The truth," which they choose to believe that makes it so the actual truth almost seems boring. In some ways that is scarier than any potential classified conspiracy.

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