Tuesday, April 25, 2023

In News That Kind of Surprised Me, The, "Kraven," Movie is Going to be Rated R

Superhero movies (especially Marvel ones) as of late tend to be strictly PG-13 affairs. People get shot but there isn't a ton of blood. Characters kiss but never get naked. The word, "Fuck," is only hinted-at or maybe spoken once. There are exceptions in the form of cheeky ol' Deadpool and the movie, "Logan," was extremely R-rated. Those weren't even in the MCU, however, so until, "Deadpool 3," that is still all PG-13 or so Universe. Oh, and the recent, "Suicide Squad," was a DC endeavor as well as the, "Joker," movie--so maybe DC is testing the waters with edgier stuff, but this post is mainly about Marvel-related projects. Anyway, Sony has its own take on a chunk of Marvel characters affiliated with Spider-Man and it seems they've decided to let the, "Kraven," adaptation move in a decidedly violent direction. Yep, it is gonna be rated R.

Kraven--in the comics--is a famous hunter who decides to hunt Spider-Man. At one point he killed himself after thinking there is nothing left to hunt but he was brought back because almost nobody stays dead in comics. He's still kicking around the comics now, occasionally getting in fights with heroes or such. The movie will apparently have him as more of a defender of animals, hunting poachers instead of the critters they want to kill. Some preview footage was shown at an event known as, "CinemaCon," and it featured Kraven brutally killing dudes and even biting a nose off. Apparently, another Spidey villain, Rhino, is hinted at too. 

Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays Kraven.
And no, you're not crazy, he was also the MCU's Quicksilver.

The footage hasn't leaked or anything so we're all going by anecdotes from people who saw the clips, but I'm just surprised a violent comic-book flick is happening like we're back in the era of, "Blade," "Punisher: War Zone," or the so-so, "Watchmen," movie. Now, it is easy for movies with superheroes to be violent, but I wonder if Sony will shy away from anything too sexual because American audiences do love watching gore but can't stand the sight of a nipple. I wouldn't imagine Sony plans to push the envelope that much. Time will tell if we get to watch Kraven brutally murder poachers and swing his dong around though. That would be an interesting bullet point when they're hyping the production, for sure.

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