Friday, April 14, 2023

I Played a Chunk of, "Hi-Fi Rush," and Liked it

I have an Xbox with the game pass so I tried out the game, "Hi-Fi Rush," and it was pretty fun. The game was a surprise release that had--somehow--been developed totally in secret. Hours after its official announcement, it was released to the shock of many. That the game is pretty cool helps too. The whole thing involves how the World moves to a beat as you play and fighting enemies with the music makes you do more damage. The colorful cel-shaded style visuals make everything look like and bright and happy anime show--except you're controlling the action. 

I haven't played the game a ton yet, so this is more of my impressions of the title than a review. That said, "Hi-Fi Rush," has so far been a solidly good time, and should you have an Xbox Series X/S with the game pass you ought to check it out.

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