Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Netflix Still Plans to Target Password-Sharing

Everyone may recall a few months ago there were grave concerns about Netflix cracking down on the sharing of passwords among households. They tested preventing it in some countries, but with all the negative press in the U.S., it seemed they would back off doing it in North America. Well, in wonderful news, Netflix is still planning to make sure if you have friends/family that don't live with you they have to pay extra to access the account too. Yep, Netflix still is gonna kill password sharing. They also are going to quit mailing DVDs this September, which is unfortunate for those in areas with weak internet access (some locations still lack a good connection, even these days). Hence, Netflix is going to prevent your kids who move out from being able to stream your Netflix or get some DVDs delivered. 

In the near future, only the user whose location is set as the primary one will be able to stream Netflix and if they're traveling there will be some hoops to jump through with temporary codes that grant a short bit of access or such. Whether this results in some folks just quitting Netflix and instead using all the other streaming services remains to be seen. This could make some people just pay a bit extra or try the Netflix level with ads. It could go work out in Netflix's favor or be disastrous. If I may be petty, I hope this goes horribly and Netflix walks it back/changes its mind because I honestly am still on my folk's Netflix account in exchange for us sharing passwords to other streamers with them. I've got so much to watch I honestly could live without Netflix, but it'll stink to miss out on those funny, "Nailed it," baking shows.

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