Friday, April 28, 2023

Funko Friday: The "Funko Fusion," Game Looks Weird; Could it Actually Work?

I enjoy the Lego video-games and was a fan of how a variety of shows/movies/properties could be mashed-together and interact in, "Lego Dimensions." Putting a bunch of random pop-culture concepts together and playing with them can be entertaining if it is done well enough (e.g. the game needs to be engaging and not suck). Hence, when I see the trailer for, "Funko Fusion," it looks like a lot of random stuff gets represented. It also makes me think of those Lego games and gives me some hope this Funko-related title could actually be fun if the developer, 10:10 Games, knows what they're doing. That, or we'll simply get what Zack Zwiezen of Kotaku called a, "Baffling creation." Perhaps it could be both a weird mish-mash of stuff and kind of fun--or am I too optimistic? The comment section on a site like Polygon where the new game is being discussed is less than positive, so perhaps many people are just fed up with Funko's products clogging-up shelves (and sometimes landfills). We'll know at some point in 2024 when, "Funko Fusion," is due to release. Even if it is awful, seeing there might be a level themed for the movie, "The Thing," is kind of fun.

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