Wednesday, April 12, 2023

HBO MAX Will Indeed Just be MAX

There were ample rumors that HBO MAX would just become MAX and Discovery+ would be folded into it. Then we learned HBO MAX would get a chunk of Discovery+ but it would be left alone so that folks who just wanted the delightfully trashy reality television on Discovery+ would be all set without paying more for random HBO MAX shows. Now, the official news has been revealed and everyone who heard...seemed to basically shrug. Yes, the service will simply be MAX, for better or worse. It'll have a tier with ads, an ad-free level, and another, "Ultimate," version that works with the fanciest 4K televisions. A bunch of Discovery+ stuff will be on it, but that service will remain and be cheaper than MAX.

What of the content though? Well, if you liked the, "Harry Potter," movies but wished they were even longer seasons of television that were made now that the author has been revealed as extremely problematic and transphobic, you're in luck! The, "Harry Potter," books are going to be remade with a brand-new cast who will be signed to a decade-long (or so) contract and each season will be one of the books. Plus, J.K. Rowling is going to be an executive producer, how fun! There is going to be other stuff too such as more, "Game of Thrones," prequel content. Colin Farell's Penguin is indeed getting his own, "Penguin," show too after being in, "The Batman." Interestingly a, "Rick and Morty," anime is being made after some shorts that came out a bit ago got really popular (no word on who will do the voices). That isn't everything but clearly, there is a decent assortment of stuff that should appeal to various people. Nothing super-wild was unveiled but it doesn't seem like a trainwreck besides the dumb name change.

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