Sunday, March 26, 2023

The Saint Charles Quad Con Today Was Fantastic!

The latest Saint Charles Quad Con was held today and it was a fantastic time. There were many vendors, creators of cool stuff, plenty of cosplayers, and there was just so much fun to be had! Held by Quad City Con, I found some cool items at the show whilst seeing old friends and making new ones. There was a big line to get in and the crowd was sizeable--thanks to the spacious location things did not feel crowded, which I was thankful for! Here's the crowd at the start:
I kicked off the show by saying hello to my good chum Spike of Lost in Space Toys and Collectibles. I also chatted with the good folks behind STL Comics who had brought some snazzy books. I chatted with illustrator and paranormal investigator Derek Arneson, who had some gorgeous works on display and for sale. Then, I went and traded some of my own stuff with the always-awesome Jack Thomas of Fortress Comics and acquired this gorgeous copy of, "Avengers," #196 that I'll provide a picture of below:
I met the creators of and voices behind, "Galatic Dads," a popular podcast based here in Saint Louis. As someone who is geeky and a Dad, it was fun to chat with them! I also made the acquaintance of Comicker Press, a really cool indie publisher with a wide range of snazzy titles. My friend Brian Lan was at the show repping the fantastic organization known as The Hero Initiative which helps comics creators in need. We discussed a recent Facebook post I made about not having read many Superman-starring stories I liked and he told me that he'd send me a list of stories he recommends. I snapped a picture of the Hero Initiative table:
Vince Dinkelmann is a great guy and he was set up as VK Toys. He had a wide range of cool items and I loved looking at his superb comics. I met In2It Comics & Merch who were at this Quad Con for the first time and said they were greatly enjoying the show. They were very nice! I made my way over to the table of Atomic Drop, the name of the comic line for books published by Jason Pringle. He had a cool assortment of works from comics about wrestling to shirts, prints, and more! He was kind enough to pose for a photo:
I then had the chance to see Bruce Reynolds who always brings superb comics. Jack Brown of Trade Up Comics was present too, with many great wares for sale! I bought a variety of fun stickers from the creators behind Simply 4 Me and met the cool folks behind My Squish Studio who donate a large portion of the money they make to nonprofits that help LGBTQ+ individuals. They had some really neat pins and stickers. As I finished making my rounds I saw some familiar faces as I met the creators behind Biff! Bam! Boom! Comics before and always enjoy seeing what new projects they're working on. I really enjoyed catching up with them. We discussed me possibly doing a feature on them sometime and they were kind enough to let me snap a picture:
I was able to dig through the boxes of comics at other vendors' tables and there were many other snazzy creators too with all the sellers, I've just touched upon everything I can remember/got a business card for! It truly was a stupendous show and I'd encourage everyone to mark their calendars for October 22nd when the next Quad Con located in Saint Charles will occur!

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