Thursday, March 30, 2023

Bryan Edward Hill and Elena Casagrande Are Launching a New Blade Comic This Summer!

Bryan Edward Hill is a talented writer and friend of the blog. I've discussed enjoying a number of his works and he was kind enough to do a lovely interview with me some years ago. We've continued to keep in touch off and on (I always enjoy reading his musings about technology on Twitter) and I was excited to see he'll be writing a new, "Blade," series at Marvel! The talented Elena Casagrande will be the artist and it is the first ongoing Blade-centric series since--let me check my notes--wow, 2007. Blade is a fantastic character when written well and I have zero doubt Hill will give us a great story starring the vampire hunter with Casagradne's artwork surely being a treat to witness as well. The new, "Blade," ongoing starts this July and I know I'll be reading it!

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