Friday, March 31, 2023

I Wish The Fake Dating Reality Show. "Love Language," Was Real


As part of an early April Fool's Day joke, it was revealed Peacock had teamed up with Duolingo to do a new reality dating show. Titled, "Love Language," the idea was a bunch of hot singles who all spoke different languages would be stuck in a villa trying to figure out how to communicate with one another (such as by using the Duolingo app). I noticed some real folk from actual shows who seem to do the rounds on a number of dating programs (hey there, Franchescha) and even though the whole Duolingo thing struck me as blatant product placement I sincerely thought this was a legit thing when I got the email announcement about it. After reading it was fake and noticing just how incredibly silly the trailer was I understand it is all a joke. Does it have to be, though?

We had a show somewhat like this on Discovery+ called, "Love in the Jungle," where a lot of the time participants couldn't speak. We've had dating shows where the idea is folks come from all over the World--just look at the most recent season of, "Are You the One?" Is a dating show where a bunch of people who speak different languages but learn to communicate whilst hooking up and falling in love that far-fetched? The ultimate twist on this April Foll's Day joke would be if some version of this program turns out to be real and happens due to someone else thinking what I did--"Wait, this is a workable concept!" Other people who were fooled would in fact watch it too. As it is now, however, this was just a silly way to promote how Duolingo users can get access to Peacock at a discount. I can wonder what could have been, however.

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