Thursday, March 30, 2023

Random Popular Culture Business News Round-Up

An assortment of business-related things happened these past few days. I didn't want to give them all their own article so let's do a fun popular culture business news round-up. What? It's fun!

Don't Mess With Disney

Three things you never mess around with are Nintendo, the IRS, and Disney. They will get the better of you. You'll end up sued, tricked, or in jail. Ron DeSantis has been engaged in a feud with Disney that involved trying to strip them of their own special district they govern. DeSantis thought he pulled that off with a new board he appointed...and Disney used a bunch of random legal tricks to strip them of any power. I'm no lover of any big corporation, but DeSantis is a monster and it is kind of hilarious to see his attempts to attack, "Evil, woke Disney," blow up in his face. You don't mess with the Mouse.

Again, Don't Mess With Disney

Ike Pearlmutter was the most powerful man at Marvel for years. Marvel was bought-out and absorbed by Disney but Pealmutter hung around, trying to maintain or gain more power. Disney's President Bob Iger was able to get Ike laid off. A lot (a whole lot) of people did not like Ike but some are worried about how he and other execs getting fired will impact Marvel and its comic-book division as a whole. For now, it seems like not too much will happen with the day-to-day at Marvel and its comic-book division, but we shall see.

E3 is Dead

E3 is a big video-game expo that has gone on for years but lately had been less important in this era of streaming, companies doing their own events, and so forth. COVID-19 hitting didn't do it any favors and now the 2023 show is canceled. E3 returning after this year seems unlikely. Back in the 1990's E3 was the event for video-games. Now, it is just another memory of a bygone era.

Funko to the Landfill

Funko had arguably been overproducing products for a while now. Countless Pops as tie-ins to properties nobody cared about, attempts at other lines with many failures per popular new item, and so forth. Apparently, it was costing Funko more to keep a bunch of extra stock in a warehouse than to transport 30 million dollars worth of product to a that's what they did. I guess donating stuff would have been less of a tax write-off because Funko literally destroyed millions of dollars worth of product and as they stood over the remnants of Snoke and Snape Pops shredded to pieces I assume did a twisted smile.

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