Thursday, March 23, 2023

The Recreation Council Held a Fantastic Recognition Ceremony Today

The Recreation Council is a nonprofit found here in the Saint Louis region which assists children and adults with developmental disabilities via a wide range of opportunities for fun and socialization. The agency can help reimburse people for leisure and recreation activities they engage in and it keeps track of a variety of possible programs for individuals to pursue thanks to partnering with over 100 agencies. We've utilized support from the Recreation Council to help fund our many visits to the We Rock the Spectrum children's gym where Clarkson loves playing and socializing. Thanks to the Recreation Council we've been able to keep updated about a wide range of activities and opportunities in the region. They had their annual meeting/recognition ceremony today and I was able to attend. It was a great time!

After a tasty lunch, the Recreation Council had their keynote speaker, a man named Gabriel Cobb, who discussed the importance recreation has played in his life as he's engaged in everything from cooking to learning piano, to completing multiple Triathlons. A variety of folks from partner agencies were recognized for their work as well and it was wonderful to have it discussed how many opportunities for fun and personal growth exist thanks to agencies such as the Recreation Council.

If you live in the Saint Louis region I would encourage you to look into the Recreation Council. If you live somewhere else I'd still encourage you to look into local agencies you might have that can provide support for those who may have a disability. Such agencies can be a fantastic resource and they always are looking for volunteers too!

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