Monday, March 27, 2023

Afroman is Being Sued by the Police Who Wrongfully Raided His Home

Afroman is a singer/songwriter known for humorous ditties such as, "Because I Got High," and, "Crazy Rap (Colt 45 and 2 Zig-Zags)." He had his home raided in 2022 under the suspicion he was engaging in drug trafficking and/or kidnapping, but no evidence was found. He had a lot of money taken and most of it was returned, but some funds were strangely missing. The police said the total was miscounted, but Afroman counters that he was stolen from and did not appreciate having his door kicked-in, having guns pointed at his family's face (he was out of town), and so forth. 

Therefore, as Afroman tells it to NPR, "I asked myself, as a powerless Black man in America, what can I do to the cops that kicked my door in, tried to kill me in front of my kids, stole my money, and disconnected my cameras? And the only thing I could come up with was to make a funny rap song about them and make some money, use the money to pay for the damages they did, and move on." Afroman made some songs about what happened and created music videos using his security footage from the raid and figured that would be that. The thing is, the police who raided his house and whom he claims treated him poorly did not appreciate this and now they are suing him for invasion of privacy and emotional distress. I honestly think that's a bad move because suing Afroman to stop making music about this subject just gives it more attention (think the well-known Streisand Effect).

Now, Afroman is doubling down and making shirts and all kinds of merch about this fiasco whilst planning to make more tunes. He's getting more press than he's gotten in some time and the officers are receiving even more attention. It's a bit of a P.R. blessing for Afroman after the fact and a fiasco for everyone involved in the raid against him. I'm not sure what the end result of the lawsuits will be. Perhaps folks will settle, the judge could throw the claims out, or there could be a big legal case that serves to draw even more eyes to this story. We shall see, but I never would've predicted Afroman would become an outspoken defender of free speech thanks to his love of singing about cannabis. The World is a wild place.

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