Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanks for Being Safe This Thanksgiving/I Rip Into People Who Are Not Being Safe

Today is Thanksgiving in America and if you're being safe and staying home, I am proud of you. You can stop reading this post and go relax until the last paragraph. The rest of you assholes, however, can proceed to the next paragraph for a verbal thrashing. Don't click away, you scroll down now!

How dare you think that COVID-19 is not a big enough deal to keep socially distant. You are so eager to be with your loved ones--some who may be older or immunocompromised--that you'd risk their lives just to have a, "Regular," Thanksgiving this year. Well, guess what, knucklehead? This isn't a, "Regular," year and things are not normal. If you just waited a year for vaccines that are on the horizon you could celebrate Thanksgiving safely in 2021, but no, you had to be that dune who rode planes, traveled around the United States, had a mini super-spreader meal today, and now will be heading back home exposing everyone else in the general public on your merry way. Speaking of, "Merry," you do realize when cases spike in 2 weeks or so due to all the morons having a big Thanksgiving that is going to basically make Christmas even more dangerous to have with loved ones--not that you should even have a big Christmas event but knowing the choices you've already made I bet that's planned too, COVID-be-damned, eh? I'm ashamed of you, embarrassed for you, and hope you don't get sick or even worse, die (or lose a loved one) due to your selfish actions.

Alright, everyone's back? Okay then, let's have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy kicking-back! The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade looked a lot different, but we can still enjoy it, and the food you've made or ordered will surely be tasty. Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!

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