Friday, March 20, 2020

"Grandma's Playroom," Could Use Your Support

One of our favorite places to take Clarkson is Grandma's Playroom. It is a free-play location where you can go with your little ones and let them enjoy all kinds of fun set-ups from toy cars, to a pretend kitchen, things to climb on, and there is a sitting area for parents with coffee, snacks, and soda too. We actually had Clarkson's birthday party there, we love it so much. This is why I was concerned to see with COVID-19 shutting everything down that Grandma's Playroom took the safety precaution of closing and now needs some help being sure there will be enough funds in place to avoid permanently shutting down.

Many stores and restaurants are struggling right now, of course, but Grandma's Playroom has a special place in our heart so if anyone who reads my blog has ever been there with their own kids, or you just understand how great these kinds of play locations are, do please give to their GoFundMe if you are able. That, or simply share it on social media as that always helps!

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