Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Tower of Terror is Even More Interesting Than I Ever Realized

I have previously written about some of my favorite Disney-park attractions, and discussed thoroughly my immense love for the Tower of Terror. With that in mind, I was really intrigued by this piece on the AV Club that linked to a video that goes in-depth to discuss all the complex safety features of the original (and best) Tower of Tower located within the Disney World park, Hollywood Studios (us old people may remember when it was called MGM Studios). The Tower of Terror is a fantastic ride whether you love how it is themed for, "The Twilight Zone," or just enjoy a good scary faux-elevator that goes up and down in all kinds of zany unpredictable ways. It's funny, as a youth I was amazed by Disney and its parks, and as an adult I still love them but am even more fascinated by the complex inner-workings and behind-the-scenes stuff that makes the places function so (usually) seamlessly.

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