Sunday, June 30, 2019

A Notable Comic-Book Creator Birthday--Christopher Priest!

I don't usually list too many comic-book birthdays as with so many talented creators in existence (and who have sadly left us) it would be tricky to celebrate everyone worthy of recognition. That said, I wanted to spotlight one creator whom has been fantastic for decades and continues to impress as he turns 58 today--Christopher Priest. He's been involved in comics in some form from 1978 to the present, at times taking a bit of a break from the form but then returning to always make incredible stuff. His run on, "Deathstroke," has been one of the best modern stories in comic-books and he has done such incredible stuff before that as, "Quantum and Woody," a superb run on, "Black Panther," and countless other stupendous works. When I think about my favorite comic-book creators, Priest is on that list for sure. I wish him the happiest of birthdays and many more joyful ones as the years go on!

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