Monday, February 4, 2019

They Made the, "Titanfall," Series into a Battle Royale Game...Why?

In the past I discussed how much I loved, "Titanfall 2," even going so far as to say it was game of 2016 even if its terrible sales did not reflect much love from the marketplace. Now they have made and just released a battle royale game vaguely set in that world titled, "Apex Legends." As I understand it, this game lacks both the cool big mechs of the, "Titanfall," series as well as the incredible acrobatic parkour. What is the point then other than to make a generic battle royale shooter in the hopes of snatching-up some of that sweet, sweet, "Fortnite," money? Oh, and it has paywalls to block-off certain classes unless you earn in-game currency or pony-up cash, so it is a lot less free-to-play than other games in the field.

The real punch to gut of all this is that, "Titanfall 3," is not being made, and that was outright stated. While it maybe was being created once, it apparently isn't in production now. Hearing that of all things is probably the most utterly depressing aspect. Instead of making more great, "Titanfall," games they took the series' corpse, ripped-out anything that made it special, and shoved in a bunch of bland battle royale guts. Sorry if that's graphic, but I am expressing my own visceral reaction to all this, and harsh words as needed for such a massive let-down. I'm not exactly eager for this, in other words.

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