Monday, February 4, 2019

Please, No One Ever Write the Word, "Gynocentric," Again

Over the weekend people read a review of Carolyn Nowak’s new graphic novel, "Girl Town," by a writer named Jake Murel, who wasn't trying to be offensive (as today's blog entry on The Comic's Journal websites discusses) but made some really weird observations. The review itself has been edited, but The Comic's Beat has the original excerpts which feature many a use of the word, "Gynocentric," as in how because ladies have vagina's their art reflects this in its formatting, or the comic-gutter or something? I don't know. I am both a fan of Nowak (her erotic comic, "No Better Words," was hot as well as smart) and I like The Comic's Journal (their EIC, Tucker Stone, is someone I consider a friend of mine) but man did TCJ fuck-up with this.

Stone already apologized profusely on the site, as I linked to above, but it has spurred some discussion about how TCJ maybe could use some more female contributors, points-of-view, etc. as it is doubtful a woman would ever refer to a work as, "Gynocentric," just as it would be silly to talk about a man's comic as, "Phallocentric," unless, I guess, the whole comic was actually about a penis...note to self: make a comic about a humanoid penis who spends the pages wondering aloud if he is too phallocentric, have him meet a vagina that talks about if it is maybe too gynocentric, then find an artist willing to illustrate how they fall in love in a very detailed physical manner and profit off my weird meta-porno comic. Anyways, this whole thing is weird, but it seems TCJ has learned from it and will try and do better, Nowak took it all in stride, and I honestly would hope no one ever writes the word, "Gynocentric," again.

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