Saturday, September 24, 2022

Mountain Dew Purple Thunder is a Massive Disappointment

I like to try random soda flavors. I am sometimes quite impressed and other times disgusted. Mountain Dew has put out an assortment of unique mixes over time and the quality has varied immensely. We haven't had a grape-flavored Mountain Dew for a while but there is currently kinda-sorta one exclusively for sale at Circle K gas stations. Called, "Purple Thunder," it can be bought in bottles or from the fountain. My wife and I had high hopes for Purple Thunder and its berry-plum taste but were let down horribly.

Purple Thunder lacks much of any oomph. When I first sipped it I wondered if the drink was flat. I shook the bottle up and it was good and fizzy, however, so the soda just lacks much of any excitement. It has a weak berry vibe and the taste sensation just kind of shows up, does the bare minimum, and leaves anyone who drank it disappointed. I had hopes for a new Mountain Dew that at least tried to give me some grape sensations, but all my optimism was clearly in vain as Purple Thunder is a disinterested shrug of a soda. Don't bother making a special trip to Circle K to get one, this is a drink you can easily pass on. At least it is barely better than the Flamin' Hot flavor.

1 out of 5 stars.

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  1. "My wife and I had high hopes for Purple Thunder". I think I found the problem.