Tuesday, September 6, 2022

"Flashpoint: Beyond," Has Been a Fun Series

The fifth of sixth (honestly sixth of seventh) and therefore the penultimate issue of, "Flashpoint: Beyond," is out in some stores today and the rest tomorrow (DC comics come out on Tuesday is stores choose to put them out then). It interestingly enough seems to spoil, "Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths," before it even finishes, but that's okay as we basically knew the Justice League who seemed dead would be back. I was a big fan of, "Flashpoint," itself even if the New52 it created was hit-or-miss. Therefore, the return of the Flashpoint universe for this event has been pretty fun. 

We've witnessed as Thomas Wayne (who is aware this World shouldn't exist) has struggled to solve a number of mysteries and at the same time, Bruce Wayne has clearly been involved and upsetting those who control time travel. Geoff Johns, Jeremy Adams, and Tim Sheridan have all collaborated on the series with Eduardo Risso doing the #0 issue's art and Mikel Janin and Xermanico doing the rest of the series. There has been ample discussion of the, "Rules," of the DC Universe with its realities and time-space continuum, a clock-themed serial killer, and plenty of alternate-universe shenanigans. I look forward to the finale when it arrives in some weeks. I'm suspicious (in a good way) that this may lead to a whole different series involving Thomas Wayne and/or the Flashpoint Universe, but we shall see.

5 out of 5 stars (for issues #0-#5).

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