Tuesday, August 28, 2018

My Inner Middle-Schooler is Excited at the Thought of a Spice Girls Reunion

I just recently had a post on, "The Jerry Springer," show where I talked about how huge it was in the 90's, and discussed a kind of spice in my last post (pumpkin spice) so why don't I follow that up with a combination of sorts--a blast from the somewhat-recent past involving metaphorical spice? You see, apparently almost all of the Spice Girls will be reuniting to do a series of shows across the United Kingdom. Posh Spice AKA Victoria Beckham is apparently sitting it out because other than Mel B having a successful T.V. career, Ms. Beckham is probably the most wealthy/least in need of a check. When I was growing-up I absolutely loved the Spice Girls because when we are children our taste in music is sometimes simplistic and foolish--but I make no apologies! I was a preteen who enjoyed the catchy melodies, singing, and basic lack of mental challenge that came from listening to the Spice Girls. I rewound my the cassette of their album, "Spice," to keep hearing "Say You'll be There," so many times it broke the tape, and I repeatedly watched, "Spice World," on VHS and loved it completely without any irony.

I by no means am planning to fly to the UK in order to see these reunion concerts in 2019 (an approximate date, Mel B has just entered rehab due to an alcohol addiction brought on by PTSD and I wish her the best), but if I can buy a webstream of a concert or two I'd be open to that. Nostalgia is a Hell of a drug, and I clearly am hooked on it when it comes to certain things, such as the music of my youth. While I'm sad Posh Spice won't be a part of the reunion tour, I am glad that 4 out of the 5 members will be present and am excited for a trip down memory line if I catch any clips of a show!

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