Saturday, August 5, 2023

Today Was Gibson's Official Due Date and Would Have Been Kim's Birthday

Gibson being cute.

Today, August 5th, was Gibson's original due date. However, due to health risks, Samii had to have his birth induced and he joined us on July 12th. August 5th was also the birthday of my Mother-in-law, Kim. She passed suddenly in June of 2020 and I wrote about when she would've turned 58. She would have turned 61 today and been able to celebrate her birthday with a new grandson if she still were with us. I am overjoyed to have Gibson but an occasion like this makes me think about how many people were alive to enjoy Clarkson's birth but were gone by the time Gibson arrived. My Bubbie, my Aunt Martha, Sam's Dad Matt, Kim, and more. It all results in mixed feelings, as I've written about before

My parents came to visit during the week and got to meet Gibson. I was so happy they could hold him and show him their love, it just also made me think about the people whom I wish could have also loved Gibson now that he's finally here as our beautiful rainbow baby following the loss of our second pregnancy and the child we could not have, Shalom.

Kim and Clarkson when he was a much smaller little guy.

There are so many mixed feelings, but I know above all I am thankful for the love and support from those we have here with us as well as just as much love and support we would've received from those who couldn't be here any longer. Even if Kim has passed I know she would've been so happy to meet Gibson and it would've been a fun birthday for her. It just sucks that couldn't be the reality today.

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