Thursday, August 24, 2023

My Thoughts on that, "Prime," Energy Drink

There is an energy drink known as, "Prime." It is popular with the youth thanks to internet, "Influencers," KSI (I do not know who they are as I am old), and Logan Paul (I do know who he is and he's annoying). It has zero sugar but is full of caffeine to the degree the FDA has been petitioned to investigate the beverage. The issue is not exactly the caffeine content (about the same as two cups of coffee) so much as if this drink is being marketed to kids. The bottle clearly says you should be 18 or older to ingest this much caffeine, but nobody is gonna card you for an energy drink, obviously (besides in the old days when Four Loko had booze with caffeine, and that made lots of folks sick). 

There is some controversy, but I was curious if this drink even tasted any good. After all, I've tried Red Bull and that is awful. The only energy drink that ever tasted okay to me was perhaps Amp, and that seems to be mostly discontinued. I, therefore, sampled the Prime fruit punch flavor, and it was alright. It tasted like a diet fruit punch with some carbonation. The bubbles helped it, "Pop," a bit more than it otherwise would have. I wasn't retching from the drink but was far from impressed. As for the caffeine content, I am pretty much always drinking hot coffee or iced coffee regardless of the time of day, so I didn't notice myself feeling any extra awake or jittery. That said, someone who doesn't drink much coffee or caffeinated beverages and drinks down a whole bottle of Prime in a short sitting might feel some ill side effects. Your mileage may vary regarding flavor, feeling hyper, and so forth, in other words. Without the influencer cachet I doubt this energy drink would get much hype, so hats off for managing to get press--good and bad. In terms of actual quality, however, I'd rate Prime's fruit punch flavor 2 out of 5 stars. I'm in no rush to try any other flavors either.

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