Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Television Tuesday: "Love Island USA," Has Been Especially Raunchy This Season

I lap up trashy reality television like a thirsty animal given a fresh bowl of water. Instead of H2O, I enmesh myself in drama and absurdity, and the latest season of, "Love Island USA," has been filled to the brim with crazy nonsense. The, "Love Island," franchise involves a number of countries, but the American version started out on CBS before the last season and this one shifted to Peacock. The shift to streaming allowed a lot more swearing and a lot more raunchy content to be shown--figuratively and literally in the sense we get more graphic discussions and see a whole lot more lady-ass and man-bulge. I honestly was a bit bored last season with, "Love Island," and felt Peacock didn't take advantage of how it could, "Go there," more. Well, this season of, "Love Island USA," has been absurdly horny and crazy.

The show has earned its TV-MA rating with lots of sex talk, a good deal of swearing, and plenty of barely-under-the-covers night-vision scenes of folks outright going at it in various ways. This season has been chock-full of folks eager to mingle without a doubt. Everyone is here to find love--in theory--but if we're being blunt these 20-somethings are gonna go for a handjob first and then hold hands/go steady afterward. It is funny that this season is much more sexual as the cast as a whole is a lot harder to like. Most of the men seem to want to say they’re committed to being in a couple and then go do something risqué as soon as a new woman enters the villa…then that first girl they were with always wants to forgive them for being dumbasses. Host Sarah Hyland herself has seemed befuddled by some choices as the coupling ceremonies. It’s incredibly messy but there are some bright spots in the cast.

A young man who goes by Bergie almost seems like he was put on the show by accident. He is fit and handsome but just seems incredibly different from the usual guys cast on the show. He struggled to make a connection with anyone in the villa a first but did find a lady and they seem happy together (perhaps when we all vote for the favorite final couples this week they’ll win as the internet seems to love Bergie too). I really liked a woman named Hannah too. She and Marco have been a happy couple for some time and could win the season too as America's favorite couple, I'd wager. Still, a lot of the men and women have been immature, rude, and a bit annoying…but again, these are young people full of hormones and a devil-may-care attitude, so you expect them to be a bit abrasive as many of us were in our 20s.

The second season, “Love Island USA,” on Peacock and fifth overall has been good fun but I am ready for it to wind down. Just like a big party, it is bright and fun at first. Eventually, you’re exhausted, sick of everyone sloppily going at it, and the jokes the host keeps repeating have gotten old (sorry, Iain Stirling, but I’ll forever prefer Matt Hoffman as the voice of the show). That said, even if I’m worn out I’ll be looking forward to next Summer when a whole new batch of horned-up singles attempt to find, “Love,” or at least do mouth-stuff to pass the time. God bless America.

5 out of 5 stars.

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