Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Television Tuesday: We've Got a Trailer for, "Loki," Season 2

If we're being completely honest I am quite behind on a number of productions in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a bit burned-out on the MCU. The sheer number of releases and many of them being okay but sometimes a little dull/bland has resulted in me seeing a chunk of stuff but not all of it. That said, I really enjoyed the first season of, "Loki." The trailer dropped yesterday for the second season and it may be the first MCU project I'm hyped for since the "Moon Knight," show (which was decent and weird if not amazing). Tom Hiddleston is a treasure, Owen Wilson is always a delight, Sophia Di Martino is great, and Jonathan Majors is mired in controversy currently but also a skilled actor. We've got an awesome cast and if the story can manage to be as entertaining as the first season we should be in for a treat after some of the MCU feeling a bit like a slog. Check out the trailer below:

Fun, right? With everyone on strike, this may be the last MCU production we get for a bit (although I think, "Echo," maybe was in post-production and it might still release later) so at least it looks like a good time. The second season of, "Loki," starts on Disney+ this October 6th, so it isn't too long a wait.

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