Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Hot Comics Revue 15--Strike Me Down, Deadpool

There is a huge strike happening in Hollywood and that's put basically all the superhero movies on hold. It hasn't prevented one particular movie from getting tons of press, rumors, and so forth. Yes, "Deadpool 3," has the market moving more than any other comic-based movie, I'd argue. Let's look at what comics seem to be especially hot due to Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman teaming up again for the first time (let's ignore, "Wolverine: Origins," maybe) as Deadpool and Wolverine.

First Meeting

First appearances are kind of a given and these characters were already incredibly popular and have had successful flicks. That said, if you can't afford, "Incredible Hulk," #180/#181 or, "New Mutants," #98, you could always seek out the initial time the two heroes met in issue #88 of, "Wolverine." It trends for an easy $80-$100 or so in great condition.

Random Characters and Alternate Universes

It seems that Deadpool might be killing the Fox Universe version of Marvel's characters. This had led to everything from Jennifer Garner's Elektra appearing to the mini-series, "Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe," getting hot as it's the closest thing in concept to what the movie might be. Other folks who haven't even been in a Marvel movie are getting traction too, however. The rumor of Channing Tatum as Gambit never dies and even Cassandra Nova--Professor Xavier's evil twin sister--has been thrown out as an appearance in this movie. Such rumors have made already-pricey comics like, "Daredevil," #168 with Elektra's first appearance costing even more and led issues that were mostly floating around $10 to shoot up as well.

Wolverine's Original Outfit

Yes, this is getting kind of silly. Wolverine first appears in his classic outfit on the last page of, "Incredible Hulk," #180, but, "Marvel Comics Presents," #95 tells the story of how Wolverine acquired the original getup he wore for a bit. This was a dollar bin comic but now I've seen it going for almost 20 smackers after set photos leaked of Hugh Jackman in this comic-accurate getup. Clearly even if, "Deadpool 3," is going to be delayed because of Hollywood being on strike that hasn't slowed down speculation relating to the movie.

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