Thursday, August 31, 2023

"Skull and Bones," Had a Beta Test. It Was Surprisingly Good


I've been following the saga of the long-delayed game, "Skull and Bones," for years now. After the sea-crossing combat of, "Assasin's Creed IV," was such a hit with gamers, Ubisoft started development on a game focused mainly on ocean stuff and then it entered development Hell for a good chunk of time. There was a public-ish Beta test a few days ago where players could sign up to try a supposedly almost completed version of the game. To the surprise of everyone, it went...swimmingly (pun intended). Could, "Skull and Bones," turn out to be a legitimately fun time?

Apparently, the ship-to-ship combat was a hoot, the story was shockingly interesting, and quibbles about the game seemed minor when everyone expected more of a wreck than a functional game. Even though some games that go through a development nightmare seem worse for the wear by the end ("Duke Nukem Forever," comes to mind), maybe all the work done on, "Skull and Bones," will result in something solidly entertaining. Stranger things have happened. The game is supposedly due for release a some point before March 2024, so we shall see as long as there aren't more delays upon delays.

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