Thursday, August 10, 2023

Oh Boy, THAT One Spider-Man Story is Getting a Sequel/Get Ready for, "Spider-Man: Reign 2," Soon

Back in 2006, there was a four-issue mini-series known as, "Spider-Man: Reign." It was written and illustrated by Kaare Andrews. It had fantastic art as he is a great artist. The story was weird and controversial. It essentially was a Spider-Man version of, "The Dark Knight Returns," featuring Spidey in the future as an old man who quit being a hero but returns one last time to save the day. Also, he'd accidentally killed Mary Jane due to her developing cancer from his radioactive blood (when she cleaned his wounds) and his semen. Seriously, I'm not joking. Peter Paker had radioactive sperm and his act of, "Loving her," as the comic put it resulted in his slowly killing her over the years. It was a strange comic, but as I said, the art was really good.

Marvel seems to be leaning into how, "Spider-Man: Reign," was controversial as they were advertising how, "The most notorious Spider-Man story ever told," was getting a sequel. There have been lots of stories that got people talking/enraged so there was some debate about what yarn was being referenced, but now it has been revealed Kaare Andrews is back for, "Spider-Man: Reign 2." It will probably be quite weird. At least I imagine the art will be lovely. It'll be here in early 2024, it appears. Try to prepare yourself mentally.

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