Thursday, August 17, 2023

The Disney Lorcana Card Game Releases Tomorrow

I have some experience with digital card games such as Hearthstone or Marvel Snap, but I have not played physical trading card games (TCGs) much. Back when there were only 151 known Pokemon (and I was still in middle school) you could find me dabbling with Pokemon cards, but I sold all of them before the market crashed--and then came roaring back like 20 years later meaning my cards had some value, were worthless and now would be worth a lot if I kept them (so it goes). I've never played Magic: The Gathering as I always tell friends how I have enough hobbies that take my funds. That said, the company known as Ravensburger has worked with/for Disney to create a new TCG called, "Disney Lorcana."

Disney Lorcana looks fun from the descriptions I've read and videos I've seen. Like many other trading card games it has starter decks, booster packs, and cards of various desirability. People have had a chance to sample Disney Lorcana at recent gaming conventions and seem to like it with the official big release happening at your local gaming store tomorrow. "Big box," stores will get Disney Lorcana in September, but if you've got a shop that deals in gaming it might be selling Disney Lorcana as of August 18th. Some locations seem to have preorders sold out and be in short supply while other places still have a chunk in stock. I haven't fiddled with TCGs in years but am a bit curious about Disney Lorcana, so I may check it out. We shall see if it is a smash hit or struggles to catch on, but as of right now, there is a good deal of hype.

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