Thursday, October 20, 2022

I Miss the Old Kid Cuisine Penguin

Kid Cuisine has a penguin mascot named KC (his name is literally Kid Cuisine, I assume). He has had a variety of designs over the years but has always been in the style of a drawn cartoon. In the past couple of years, they changed KC to look like a strange computer-generated monster. This saddens me immensely as someone who has enjoyed Kid Cuisine as a child and as an adult when I want a small and easy little meal. Kate Hagan Gallup of Mashed wrote a fascinating article about Kid Cuisine and its history I'd recommend reading. I'm just annoyed that the KC I was fond of is now a creepy creature with soulless eyes. The meals still taste good, though.


  1. I did I don't like the mini turkey corn dogs french fries, corn and fudge
    brownie with celebration sprinkles

  2. they took away any life behind his eyes