Monday, May 24, 2021

We've Got an, "Eternals," Trailer Out

 The, "Eternals," movie is due this November and a trailer for it has been released. You can see it above. The actual, "Look," of it is really nice, but this is a teaser trailer in every sense of the word because it reveals basically nothing about the plot. There is just lots of asethetically-pleasing set design, outfits, some neat special effects, and a voice-over about the Eternals refusing to meddle with humanity, "UNTIL NOW!" Why they are going to be involved with humans moreso now is--as I mentioned-unclear, but I like much of the cast and anything Marvel has put out in their cinematic universe is watchable (yes, even, "Thor: The Dark World," is moderately enjoyable). I assume this will be fun and it will, of course, make tons of money.

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