Friday, May 14, 2021

I Can't Stop Writing About Dee's Nuts!

A little while ago I wrote about how I discovered a brand of flavored peanuts with the awesome name Dee's Nuts. I tried one flavor (peanut butter and jelly) and found they tasted as good as they sounded. I told Dee's Nuts about my love of their product and they were kind enough to send me the other flavors to sample! My wife and I both tried banana pudding and found it weird but still pretty good. My wife absolutely adored the dill pickle flavor as she loves pickles. I thought it was alright as I'm not huge on pickle or pickle-flavored products. We both were impressed with the cool ranch and hot siracha flavor, but I think I loved it the most with its mixture of tasty ranch and a definite kick from the siracha. 

I'd say my favorite flavor now is a tie between the peanut butter and jelly I discussed in my first post and the ranch with siracha. Samii's favorite flavor is, "Definitely the pickle one." I want to thank Dee's Nuts for sending me more nuts and would encourage everyone to visit their site and buy a can of Dee's Nuts for themselves!

Note: After my first article the kind people at Dee's Nuts sent me more nuts, but didn't request I write more about them or anything. I simply chose to because I love the flavor Dee's Nuts and the countless puns the name invites.

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